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Haven HeARTS VA Inc.

Our mission is to help creatives reach their full potentials by providing access and funding for arts related resources and education. With attention to details and a sharp focus on discipline and excellence, we aim to provide the community with top-tier education and programing in the areas of music, photography, art, marketing and more. We believe that everyone should have access to arts focused educational opportunities and are excited to develop programs and initiatives focused on that belief.  

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Our Vision

To provide the Northern Virginia creative community with  opportunities to be inspired.  

Our Core Values
Equality / Community / Creativity/ Charity


All People should have the opportunity to learn and grow. We are excited about developing relationships and providing the community with educational opportunities and mentoring, regardless of financial background or ethnicity. 


While our core focus is music and the arts, we also believe that giving back is core to maintaining a healthy relationship with the community. 


Our youth are the world’s most valuable asset and our responsibility is to build a community that supports and inspires them. We are partnering with schools, local organizations, parents, other non-profits, and businesses to help ensure that all artists  are cared for.



While we approach our operations from an efficiency perspective, the arts provide unlimited possibilities and a most powerful conduit to communicate.  We are continually exploring new ways of teaching and providing creative outlets for our community .

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


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