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Working Together on Project

Haven HeArts Small Business Association

Haven Arts Va has taken its next step towards being a community leader by creating a 401(b) Non-Profit Company, Haven HeArts Inc. With Haven HeArts Inc, we intend to develop a host of opportunities geared toward the growth and success of regional musicians, artists, small businesses, underserved youth, and many others. Our first step towards this goal was the creation of the Haven HeArts Small Business Association (HHSBA)

The HHSBA is a group of Creatives and Business Owners within the community that spread growth opportunities between our area's artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. We are a think tank for creatives and businesses to expand their brands through programs, events, socials, and more. 

Our mission is to provide Creatives with a space to expand their followings through relationships with local businesses, creating a collaborative brand geared toward spreading opportunities among the leaders of our community. 

Haven HeARTS Small Business Association


    Every year
    Haven HeArts Small Business Association
    • Access to monthly members meetings
    • Vendor section at monthly vendor markets
    • 2 custom monthly social media advertisements
    • custom 4x2ft banner with your company name and logo
    • Networking social hosting Opportunities
    • 10% of membership fees donated to local charitable causes
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